We highly-recommend the following products.


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We recommend anything with at least 2GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive. Apple Macintosh are our preferred computers. For PC users, HP has decent customer support.

Be sure the brand and model you choose includes an optical drive (CD/DVD) which can burn DVD disks—a very important feature for archiving your photos. Be sure to purchase a back-up hard drive for daily back-ups. Archiving and back-ups are two separate processes. Read Digital Photo Restoration Book II for important tips about the archiving and backup process.

We have no links for the computers. You will need to search directly on their websites.

LaCie External

Back-up Drives

A daily back-up setup is a MUST for everyone. Get one with a capacity at least twice the size of your computer’s current storage space.

PGXU Do-It-Yourself StorePGXU_Store.html

USB Flash Drive

This affordable and portable drives for Mac/PC on which you can store many images.

  1. Software & Hardware

Recommended Software

Recommended Computers

Recommended Accessories

Wacom Medium Intuos Tablet

Using this tool will be like learning how to swim, ride bikes and drive. It will also spare your wrist, hands and arms from the pain associated with using a mouse.

Recommended Scanners

Tools of the TradePGXU_Store-Tools.html

Almost 75% cheaper than its big brother with an excellent built-in help system, Elements is a less painful investment. Besides missing the Channels function, it is almost the same.

Adobe Photoshop™

We use Adobe Photoshop exclusively for all of our photo retouching work. Although it’s pricey, over the years it paid off. Subsequent upgrades have been somewhat affordable and worthwhile. However, with Adobe’s aggressive subscription-only rental scheme, we recommend using Elements or other alternatives to Adobe’s products.


Bamboo Tablet

This is a less-expensive, smaller version of the Intuos. However, the accuracy and stability—such as uncontrolled cursor movement—made us go with the Intous model above.

All links are for companies independent from Photo Grafix. Although we only recommend

shopping at reliable sources, we cannot guarantee their customer service.

Scanners by Epson are affordable, yet high-quality. We rely on the less expensive models for those times we need to travel and scan photos owned by customers and relatives who are afraid of sending them through the mail. The Epson Scan software is easy to use, with settings for beginners and experts. Regarding OCR, 35mm slide and negative scanning, most of the scanners can handle them with ease.

Purchase the Epson V600 for the most versatility and best cost.

PC & Mac

PC & Mac

Adobe Photoshop Elements™