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For those who signed up for one of our classes or just interested in the easiest to understand books about Adobe Photoshop™.

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Books by Photo Grafix

It’s been at least three years in the making: An edited compilation of our ongoing “Ask The Retoucher” articles. Published exclusively by genealogical society quarterlies, I have had the pleasure of answering dozens of questions about this fascinating topic through “Ask the Retoucher.” Purchase the book for $12 plus shipping or save a tree and download the “e-book” from our publisher for only $6.

Digital Photo Restoration Book I

Photo Grafix University

Book II of the Photo Restoration Series continues with more insight to help you use digital technology and Adobe Photoshop software to preserve and restore your photos and treasured documents. The book provides links to the picture files that are used as examples. Gain hands-on experience by downloading the files and following along. Purchase the book for $12 plus shipping or save a tree and download the “e-book” from our publisher for only $6.

Digital Photo Restoration Book II

What do you get when you take a photo retoucher who spends hours per day removing blemishes, swapping out backgrounds, changing colors and experiences strange thoughts about photography, social problems and moral conflicts? A borderline non-sequitor comic book called Way of the Retoucher.

Eric C. M. Basir created the book as a celebration of the diverse creative expression of his photo retouching and illustration businesses. If you do not get a few good laughs from this book, you will certainly get a few insightful ideas to consider. Adults, children, artists, laborers, politicians, businesspeople and English-speaking chipmunks will enjoy Way of the Retoucher. This book makes a great gift for that special photo retoucher in your life. 151 pages.

Click to preview or purchase Way of the Retoucher for $9.95 plus shipping.

Way of the Retoucher

Way of the Retoucher by Eric Basir

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