Eric C. M. Basir wrote this column about digital photo restoration, published by various genealogical organizations, free of charge. They started in 2003 and concluded the Ask The Retoucher series in 2011.


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Articles about Photo Restoration for Genealogists and Family History Hobbyists


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  1. Bullet Foggy Photo

  2. Bullet Microfilmed Photo

  3. Bullet Torn-round/round-portrait

  4. Bullet Sheen

  5. Bullet (Un)Taping Ancestors

  6. Bullet Microfilm

  7. Bullet Baptism

  8. Bullet Tintype Gunk Removal

  9. Bullet Gravestone Text

  10. Bullet Postcard

  11. Bullet Moire

  12. Bullet Blurry Baby

  13. Bullet CD Longevity Notes

  14. Bullet Book I, Question #7

  15. Bullet Book I, Question #8

  16. Bullet Book I, Question #8 (Sheen-Elements Movie)

  17. Bullet Book I, Question #9

  18. Bullet Book I, Question #9 (Clone-Stamp Movie)

  19. Bullet Book II, Question #5 (Poland Document)

  20. Bullet Book II, Question #7 (Family History Center)

  21. Bullet Book II, Question #9 (Baptism Record)

  22. Bullet Book II, Question #11 (Moirê Dots)

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